History / About

Mastermilo once started when a group of friends got bored of dirttrack and speedway racing. They decided there were more fun things they could do with their knowledge and resources. Every weekend the group gathered at the Workshop ‘t Sas’ and built crazy machines and performed all kinds of stunts. To share these crazy builds and adventures they made video’s and posted them on YouTube.


But at some point people got ‘serious lives’; buying houses & getting kids so time became scarce. Less and less people showed up every weekend and the videos came to a halt. Fate struck on 14th of januar 2017 and the workshop ‘t Sas’ burned to the ground and all tools and creations of Mastermilo were destroyed.


With everything gone, but the YouTube channel & loyal subscribers left, Milo restarted the YouTube channel on his own. Now Mastermilo is one of the best watched Dutch YouTube channels dedicated to engineering.